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A sense of fascination and adventure – is the great fringe benefit of gems and jewelry trade. Passion can be found wherever you go, whether you go exploring for gems at the earth’s far corners or across town at the jewelry store.

You might find that passion in the faces of an excited couple at a jewelry store as you help them celebrate their romance with an engagement ring.

May be you find digging in remote patch of brazil for electrifying Paraiba Tourmaline to dazzle your clients at home.

The passion might sweep you up in the most unexpected places

Having the same passion, Fahim Ayaz – The brother duo have joint together to bring various market oriented products solutions to be easily accessible to all.


Ceo Message

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When we hear the term ‘family-owned’ in the jewelry industry, it almost seems common place.
Everywhere you turn you hear stories of second, third and, occasionally, fourth or fifth generation families who’ve kept their jewelry business alive. We are not alone.

“I remember when I was small my father made me sit in his workshop and gave me a Plier, cutter
and said to cut 10 pieces of copper wire and bend it with plier and make a flower shaped design.
I barely knew how to hold the tools but the excitement of creating something had surrounded me.
So I just picked up the wire and got started with it.”

Our family’s rich history of 200 years old has always fascinated me. We are very proud to be
carrying on a tradition started by our forefathers.

– Fahim Dawood


Fahim Dawood

Fahim is a Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP) from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and holds a diploma in Software development and Graphic Design. He has been in the jewelry line since 2000, Fahim joined his dads business and has been managing their family owned jewelry business. Fahim was associated with Kolber and Westar- Swiss made watches and was promoting the brands in the Tanzanian market.

Ayaz Dawood

Ayaz is the youngest of the duo. Like Fahim he shares a passion for jewelry. Ayaz is into Jewelry Designer. In 2001, Ayaz joined his dad and Fahim. in the year 2003 He opened his first  jewelry store with a Studio workshop, where he custom designs jewelry for his retail customers and clients.

In the year 2011, Fahim and Ayaz decided on establishing themselves as a jewelry brand thats when Fahim Ayaz was born. They didnt want to limit their outlet to just jewelry ornaments but focusing on the luxury sector as a whole by offering different brands of Accessories, Watches, Fragrance and Writing Intruments.This sector is still in its early stages and gradually expanding.

Product Profile

At Fahim Ayaz – luxury retail we offer a wide variety of products, not limiting ourselves to only Jewelry blend. We focus on the luxury sector in whole and offering our clients the best available products in the market.