Jewelry Designing Studio

A sense of fashion and taste for design has always come naturally to us. When combined with fascination for constructing items and expertise in crafting refined and timeless pieces of jewelry comes as no surprise. Working with Gold and using precious stones, Fahim Ayaz create custom design jewelry for their customers that embraces a sophisticated sense of style with a contemporary approach – sure to appeal to customers of all ages.

Please go through the info-graphics, It shows the process of jewelry making, from sourcing minerals from the mines to manufacturing. ENJOY 🙂

Sketching & Designing

For any gem jewelry the gemstone is the driving force behind the design. Thedrawing serves two purposes: the first is to help the customer to visualize the final product, the second is to guide the artisans as they craft the piece. we can show the client a basic color rendition of the concept before our bench jeweler creates the necklace

Bench Work

With the help of our efficient craftsmen, We can fabricate the designs from paper to being. Our designers craftmenship is par with international standards. who are specialised in any kind of Jewelry.